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Friday April 13th, 3-4pm EDT

If you know me, you’re not surprised to see that I am scheduled for this Friday, April 13 (the day after tomorrow) at 3:00 pm EDT but 12:00 noon PDT. Friday the 13th is my lucky day and I’m a night-owl so any time before noon and before I’ve had my two lattes is not a good time for coherent conversation.

Join me at Bookworms Anonymous on Facebook. All you have to do is sign up before my scheduled time. For authors, this is a good way to see how Bookworms Anonymous online discussions work so you can consider this wonderful FB group in the future. Also, all you readers out there, I am going to give away 13 books because it is Friday the 13th to the lucky participants who sign in for a lively discussion!

What’s Write for Me– An Interview on Red River Radio

Authors and Readers– On Wednesday, October 25, 2017  at 1:00 PDT (4:00 EDT)  Red River Radio.  What’s Write for Me  interviewed  me and fellow author, Maggie Tideswell, author of A Convenient Marriage, and the Roxanne’s Ghost Saga. The link is below and the call-in number is: (646) 595-4478

The interviewer is Dellani Oakes, author of So Much It Hurts,  released on November 1, 2017!