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Interview with Sara Hart

Interview with Sara Hart

I just had the privilege and delightful experience of being interviewed by Dr. Sara Hart, CEO of Prime Spark, whose podcast features conversations to inspire, celebrate, and empower women over 55. Check out today’s podcast, “The Deeper Learning from Dysfunctional Families”. I enjoyed discussing the never-ending journey of renewal with Dr. Hart. Stop by and listen at: the podcast and drop me a note to let me know what you thought of our conversation! I look forward to hearing from you!

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I am sooo excited to announce that my novel Things Unsaid is available on Audible. I am also very fortunate to have found Sara Sheckells as narrator. She is a great actress with a wonderful professional voice. It was so much fun listening to her! This Audible excerpt is from the chapter "SafeHarbour". Enjoy!

Inspired by a true story about mothers, daughters, and impossible choices—Jules Foster, a child psychologist, upon hearing news of her estranged, narcissistic mother’s terminal diagnosis, chooses to care for her mother over her own daughter, only to find out she has been betrayed all along.

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"With a grace that is absorbing and deft, Paul tackles many difficult questions, including filial responsibility, depression, marital strife, and sexual identity. ...The author depicts heart-wrenching conundrums as the three siblings are forced repeatedly to evaluate their personal priorities....An engaging tale of family dysfunction and intractable senior citizens."


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In a state of Mindfulness, the meditating individual checks in with herself to just listen and see, in order to reconnect with her mind and feelings, How does a state of mindful meditation work, and what does it have to do with writing? Read more

… This tale of relationships grabs you on the first page and stays with you long after you’ve read the last words. – Matilda Butler, author of Rosie’s Daughters

IMG_2174Diana Y. Paul was born in Akron, Ohio and is a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in both psychology and philosophy.

Things Unsaid is her debut novel (She Writes Press) available on Amazon and your favorite indie bookstore.

Her short stories have appeared in a number of literary journals and she is working on her second novel. To learn more about her passion for art, movies, and intercultural dynamics, visit her blog at