Bookclub Starters

Your bookclub has read THINGS UNSAID but are they ready for a pop quiz? Start the discussion off with some of the following questions.

  1. In the opening scene, where are Jules and her parents?
  2. In that same scene, what does Jules take away from her father?
  3. Why is Jules visiting her parents in the first and second chapters?
  4. What did Aida want to be when she was young?
  5. When Andrew has just received his driver’s license, what happens on the way to Forest Lodge?
  6. Why does Joanne go to the hospital—for what procedure?
  7. What does Aida give Joanne as a present in the hospital?
  8. What did Aida promise to Joanne but gave to Andrew’s second wife?
  9. What was the reason for Andrew’s divorce from his first wife?
  10. Why did Jules and Mike’s daughter, Zoe, run away from home?

Bonus Question: What is the secret Mike did not tell Jules until the end of the novel?